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Kohler EFI Diagnostic Kit


** We have a very limited availability of Kohler EFI Diagnostic Kit available. Thank you for your patience. **

The 2nd generation Kohler EFI Diagnostic Kit for PC.

Kohler Part Number 25-761-50S

This kit consists of the:
25 761 47 EFI Diagnostic Interface Module
25 761 48 7-Pin Engine Interface Cable Cable
25 761 49 USB Interface Cable
25 761 53 4-to-7 Pin Adapter Cable

This kit provides the license for the EFI Diagnostic System Software including 2-years of software updates from the date of registration.

* This Kit is incompatible with Kohler Diesel Engines. *


Vehicle Interface Cable


The Vehicle Interface Cable is for use with Digital Wrench.

This cable connects the SmartLink or MultiLink Modules to the vehicle and is a required component when using either of these modules.


USB to Serial Adapter


USB to Serial Adapter for use with the Kohler Diagnostic System or Polaris Digital Wrench. It is intended for use on PC's or laptops that do not have a built-in RS-232 serial port.

IMPORTANT: This adapter will only function with Polaris or Kohler Diagnostic Software Version 2.09 or later.